October 4th – Brothers & Associates Fall Classic UPDATES!

Posted October 2, 2020

We are just a few days away from the Brothers & Associates Fall Classic.
Here are a few important things to note:

Bib Pick Up:
Pick up for bibs and timing chips will start 30 minutes before your expected race time. All runners are asked to social distance while waiting in the start area. Return your chip immediately after finishing.

Start Area:
Runners will start in 30 s intervals with the fastest runners in the front. All time will be chip time. When you cross the start line is when YOUR time starts. If you have to pass a runner on the course, please call out and pass on their RIGHT with lots of space.

Course rules:
We ask that you do not run with headphones. Dogs on leash / strollers will be permitted since the running route will not be congested. Dogs must be on leash and under control at all times.

Aid Stations:
There will be two locations that will serve runners at various stages during the race. 1 at Man in the Mountain and 2 on Steady Brook Drive. Aid stations will only have BOTTLED Water. Please plan accordingly.

  • 5 km runners: located at 2.5 km (turn around).
  • 10 km runners: located at 2.5 km / 7.5 km
  • 21.1 km runners: 4 km, 9 km, 13 km, 19 km (approximately)
  • Course Map:
    Here is the course map and locations of the aid stations for Sunday morning!
    Fall Classic Map

    5 km & 10 km routes start / finish at the Marble Mountain turn around. Runners head out onto Steady Brook drive. The turn around points are boldly spray painted on the road!

    Complete Run Package:
    If you registered as one of the first 15 you will receive your hat at bib pick up. All medals have been ordered and will be available about ONE WEEK after the event. Race organizers will deliver / mail your medal based on your address you used for registering.

    We are collecting used sneakers for organizations in our community. If you would like to bring a pair for donation please drop them off at the registration table in a plastic bag.

    Thank you to everyone who donated online to our charities: Willow House, SPCA, and YMCA Strong kids. You can still donate on the day of the event. We will post totals when the online event closes.

    Registration is still OPEN! Virtual event registration will continue up until 1 week after the in person event.
    We can’t wait to see you at the start line on Sunday!